Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Onlysmile

The effectiveness of the cosmetic teeth whitening technology OnlySmile lies in the teeth whitening gel OnlySmile which contains only 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. The teeth whitening gel OnlySmile is activated with the help of the LED lamps OnlySmile Active Pro and OnlySmile Professional. The OnlySmile technology enables a comfortable and absolutely painless whitening of the teeth by up to 9 tones within 30 minutes without damaging the enamel.

The teeth whitening gel OnlySmile is a purely cosmetic product that works exclusively on the tooth surface and gently and effectively removes all pigments on the enamel surface. The teeth whitening gel OnlySmile is developed and manufactured in Germany according to high quality, efficacy and safety criteria and in full compliance with European Union Directive 2011/84/EU. OnlySmile’s innovative cosmetic teeth whitening technology deservedly receives wide recognition throughout the world and is undoubtedly the most modern and safest way to get a stunning smile.

Start to smile with Onlysmile!

Onlysmile Teeth Whitening System

  • Immediate Results in only 30 minutes
  • up to 9 Shades brighter
  • Absolute Painless
  • Multiple Use
  • Repeat anytime

About Us

The German company Only Kosmetik GmbH is located in Düsseldorf & Germany and specializes in the development, production and franchising of products for the cosmetic teeth whitening of the brand „OnlySmile“. The broad selection of OnlySmile equipment and consumables has been designed for use in specialized OnlySmile salons, dental offices, beauty salons, hair salons, nail salons, fitness clubs, spa salons and for the cosmetic teeth whitening of OnlySmile at home.

OnlySmile products for cosmetic teeth whitening are widely known in Germany, Europe and other continents and enjoy the well-deserved popularity of consumers all over the world. Thanks to the successful cooperation with leading laboratories in Germany, as well as new developments and innovations in the fields of production, quality and efficiency of OnlySmile products, Only Kosmetik GmbH is one of the leaders in the production of high quality products for cosmetic teeth whitening.

Onlysmile Production

Onlysmile Teeth Whitening Gel and Onlysmile Teeth Whitening Powder
developed and produced in Germany

Onlysmile Business Concept for Cosmeticstudios, Dentists & Nail-studios

  • High Quality Products
  • Broad Target Group
  • No Distribution Costs
  • Small Investment
  • High Profit
  • Reliable Partnership

The German company Only Kosmetik GmbH, the European leader in the development and production of professional equipment and devices for cosmetic teeth whitening for home use of the well-known trademark OnlySmile, expands the horizons for cooperation. White teeth are a timeless symbol of health and success. And nowadays, everyone wants to have a pretty smile OnlySmile creates the opportunity to reach new customers and expand your current business. OnlySmile is particularly suitable for dentists, beauty salons, nail salons, fitness studios and spa salons. The opening of a specialized teeth whitening salon OnlySmile will give you the opportunity to become the exclusive partner of OnlySmile in your city. The cosmetic teeth whitening OnlySmile is a profitable, dynamically developing business concept that guarantees a quick return of your investment costs.

OnlySmile partners are provided with:
* The right to use the trademark OnlySmile
* Equipment developed by Only Kosmetik GmbH for cosmetic teeth whitening
* The entire range of OnlySmile products and consumables
* Certificates for all OnlySmile products
* OnlySmile promotional videos and print material
* Free schooling of the OnlySmile concept including a training certificate
* An “Exclusive OnlySmile Partner“ certificate
* Comprehensive support in marketing and consultation at all stages of your business.
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